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A delicious snack tomato from the vine!

l'Amuse is the smallest one of the family. The extremely sweet flavour, the deep red colour and the little format makes them a perfect snack-tomato. Each cluster holds 12 to 15 tomatoes on the vine. L'Amuse is a new flavour sensation that you simpy most tast!

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Packaging options

Flowpack tray of 200, 400 or 500 gram

 l'Amuse diferent packaged

 l'Amuse in a wooden box

Brand Specifications

Productlittle sweet snack tomato, especially for children
Tomato on the vine average 12 to 15 tomatoes
Fruit weight 8 to 12 gr
Size 25 -30 mm
Shapedeep red colour, hoogronde vruchtvorm
Textuur a firm strukture and a good bite
Tast extremely sweet flavour
Brixup to 8
Best before very good to store
Storage outside the fridge, temperature of 15-18°C
Leverbaar year around
Outlets Supermarked with a exclusive vegetables, vegetable store.
Pagaging 3 kg tray, wooden box or diverend kinds of flowpacks

This company is a member affiliated with the GMO-recognized growers' association ZON, our products are sold exclusively through ZON. 

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